Marlick is a wizard in the world of Oberin. He is known of his blue robe and the way he says "KILLL!". His strenght would be his enchanting skill. People seek out to him to ask for his help to create magic items.

He was born in remote city of Marali. After a while he moved to Lerilin and grew up there. There is found his master, Nathan who taught him most of what he know today of wizard life. The first guild he joined is The Scarlet Spires which is now gone. That is when he moved to Andris. He and his friend built a guild name The Children Of The Sun . The hall is located north of Andris city.

In his travel he have met many danger and learn a lot of the nature of differrent kind of creature exsisting in Oberin. Sometime you might find Marlick camping around Tree Maze or exploring Ice Dungeon.

Marlick himself doesnt care much of what's going on in the world of Oberin (such as RTQs). For him the simple life is the most important. Friendships and overcoming challenges set up by himself are things he really looks for in his life.

The blue wizard has a little brother named Nicodemus. Nico is basicly a support cleric for his bigger brother but time to time visiting dragon hunts with his friends. Nico is not all that great and powerfull cleric as people imagine him to be. It happened to be that once in a history line he managed to survive the Ancient Ice Dragon's Frost Field-spells. While other were dead and he managed to keep himself and a fighter alive long enough to defeat Anicient dragon and ressurrected the whole party after that.


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