The Map can refer to both one of the basic menus/windows in the game, as well as to various world maps that have been created by players to aid in navigation. One can open the in-game Map window by clicking on 'View' in the menu bar and then selecting 'Map'. Alternatively, the map can be opened by pressing the 'Command' key and the 'M' key at the same time (⌘ + M). All world maps, on the other hand, exist independently of the game and must be found online.

World MapEdit

Over the years, various players have constructed maps of the entire surface of Oberin. Their efforts, which have proven indispensable to explorers old and new, are listed here.

  • Alec's Map
    • The most comprehensive and up-to-date map was provided by Alec in ~2017, and uses the SRCN map as a base.
  • Hayate's Map
    • Hayate submitted this artistic map to the Oberin website in 2010.
  • SRCN Map
    • This classic map, while considerably outdated, is still the easiest to find via search engine. Created by Starkenden in 2007.

Map WindowEdit


The Map window.

In the map, all directions have been rotated 45° counterclockwise from a typical real world compass rose. For example, 'north' on the Oberin map is in the same location as 'northwest' on a real world map.

Colors on the map generally reflect the actual appearance of a location. Green corresponds to grass, while dark green corresponds to trees. Paths, stables, roads, and most buildings are brown on the map. Temples, walls, and pavement (such as in Andris) appear off-black. Sand is beige, water is light blue, rocks are gray, and snowy terrain is white. The map is completely black when the player is underground.

When the Map is not the active window (i.e. when another window has been clicked on), the colors will appear somewhat darker. Clicking on the Map will bring it back to the foreground and thus brighten the colors on the Map. Night Vision has no effect on the brightness of the Map.

Rangers can use their Tracking ability to locate nearby creatures. When a Ranger successfully tracks, dots of various color that describe a creature will flash repeatedly but briefly on the Map. Rangers are completely unable to track when underground.