"Some of my history is completely irrelevant and I won't discuss it. Suffice it to say I was not always terribly nice, but exposure to people has allowed to to become a nice enough wizard who is far more tolerant of fighters than some. I do have a fear which pushes me to try to gain power, something I once dedicated my life to. Now however, what with being king and all I tend to regard everyone as being mine and so protecting their interests is protecting mine, and, I do actually like them. Well, some of them. My main interest these days is protecting the city and maintaing the status quo. Though I do like the occasional real wizard to talk to. My hobby is duelling, something I am now quite good at. Actually I'm very good at it. I'm very good at most things really. Comes of being a wizard, we are natural leaders and I won't hear it denied. I am slightly worried someone might become more powerful than I am one day, but I read enough books to keep up to date on magical theory. And I really hate tea."

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