Description Edit

Lumberjacking is the skill associated with gathering wood. Successes are gained by successfully gathering wood and amber from trees. To cut wood, you need a Hand Axe. You get logs, which could be used for trade for a high value, ever since enchanting of logs and ferrite for Magical items began, or woodworking tools can be used to make a bundle of kindling, or actual object(s). Wood is then worked into Boards, in the Woodcrafting profession.

Other tools that can be used for lumberjacking include:

  • Amber Axe (log only amber)
  • Dwarven Hand Axe (2 successes at same-item per success, lj ≥ 7; or even 10)
  • Sickle
  • Battle Axe
  • Glaive
  • note: the harvesting weapons, can be repaired, with the right skill level, and in the right area. All other tools will break, sooner or later, depending on skill level.

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