A Long Bow is a Two-Handed weapon used in combination with Arrows. It's associated with the Archery skill. It has a range of ten tiles and adds eight Weightpoints. It is a common misconception that the Long Bow hits harder than the Short bow. In recents studies it has been found that the Short Bow is actually 5% stronger in terms of blows than the Long Bow. The Long Bow is much slower than the Short Bow and is believed to be as fast as the Long Sword or Mace.

The Woodcrafting skill (7) can be used to craft Long Bows or it can be bought in the Archery Shop in each town. Four Boards are needed. At shops they sell for 116 Gold. From Woodcrafting Level 14 onwards GM Long Bows can be crafted with the same material, that have a longer durability than regular ones. Whereas the regular version takes roughly 1300 arrows from +10 to destroyed, the GM version lasts about 2200 arrows.

If a Long Bow is infused with a Essence of PowerEssence of Speed or Essence of Durability, the weapon can be improved respectively to a Long Bow of Power, Long Bow of Speed or Long Bow of Durability.

Whilst being the weapon of choice for most Rangers, there are situations when Bows are indispensable forMages to target magical foes with range such as PixiesBone Mages and Gapers. Apart from being used in assistance of killing by Clerics and WizardsDruids can use Bow to distract the enemy from targeting their Pet, and instead keep it targeting themselves to protect their Pet from bolts. Long Bows are a good weapon of choice for ranger if fighting Dracos, Giants or Hell Hounds.

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