Lenard is believed to have seen somewhere between nineteen and twenty-two winters. Even he is not sure of his age. He stands about six feet and seven inches tall! He is strong with a shaved beard and gray hair. Very little is known about him or his past. The earliest records of him only go back about three years, when he came wondering out of the forest up to lerilin.

Known to most as "that gray wizard behind the pillar," Lenard has seen many battles with almost everything in Oberin. He carries many scars of the past, few of them are of flesh. Because of his silence, he seems standoffish. He is willing to help those that need it, but many are not willing to ask him. For long periods of time, he will meditate in one place, listening to others and to nature. Few consider him a friend, and even fewer he considers. Lenard loves the thrill of battle, but knows he must not get carried away.

He is often seen reading and studying Magery of all kinds. He is even at the moment studying and researching an old, forgotten spell and trying to learn the secrets to mastering this ancient spell. All he will share about this spell is that the only Reagent it takes is Volcanic Ash.

Lenard is married to a younger woman named Lenore. They were friends for a long time before getting married, and Lenard is very happy with her. Although, at the moment, she has been gone for a very long time, and Lenard worries about her every day

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