Magma welcome.

The Lava Dungeon, more commonly referred to as Hell, can be reached by dropping a Pure Fire Crystal on the Fire Portal by the Volcano. It is very important to bring 2 Pure Fire Crystals, as, once inside, one must drop another Pure Fire Crystal on the Portal to leave. The Fire Portal was recently reactivated by Seth, although he inadvertently caused the Volcano to erupt by doing so. It is an extremely challenging dungeon, as Magma Golems lurk inside. Along with Magma Golems, there are Red Dracos, Rust Beasts, Fire Elementals, Lava Spiders, Bone Mages, and Hell Hounds. There are chests in the Lava Dungeon, but as of early May 2010, they contained no rare items, only gold and lesser treasures. A group going to the Lava Dungeon must be very strong and have people with high Resisting Magic if they want to survive.