The L.O.R.E. Festival was a one-off event in the Waking Moon of year 434. The acronym in the title stood for "Literature of Oberin Re-enactment Event", and the goal of the organisers was to raise enough money to rebuild the library of Brigobaen. The event was organised by Legsalot, Cassandra, and Sumac, but counted with the participation of many others, both as audience and as creative contributors.

During the festival, several activities took place, with its highlights being a haiku and a limerick contest, a trivia competition, a round table for sharing of memories, a real time painting competition. The two most participated events were the single performance of the play Happy Endings, based on Seth's account for the end of the first era of Oberin, and the first attempt of a Heart of Brackness, with eighty seeds planted at and around the Central Island.

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