The out-of-reach Book of Blood in Jubal's Grotto.

Jubal's Grotto is a mysterious sandy cave filled with pools. The exact location of the cave is unknown. The grotto was discovered on the 97th Day of the Sleeping Moon of Year 437 by a group of adventurers who, with the help of the Brigobaen cleric Annabelle, were pursuing the mage Jubal. There is no known entrance or exit to the cave, as Annabelle used her magic to teleport the adventurers in and out of the cave. Inside the cave there were numerous Lizard Men and Privateers on the sand portions, and Sharks, Sea Serpents and Phase Serpents on the water portions.

At the end of the cave there is a mossy concrete landing with many pillars. Here the mage Jubal revealed his true form, a powerful Lizard Shaman, and unleashed his pet Red Draco and Red Dragon on the adventurers, along with a battalion of weaker Lizard Shamans that he had trained. Jubal was killed on the same day, and Annabelle teleported everyone outside of the cave after the Book of Blood and the Jade Amulet was retrieved. The cave has not yet been accessed again to this day.

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