Jextil is the son of Crausaar and a Red Dragon. When Jextil was a baby Red Draco he lived in the mountains near Duldrus with his father. In the Growing Moon of Year 426, as Crausaar neared death, Jextil was entrusted to the care of Arjun, a human. Jextil's two siblings, Mexur and Pervil, were also taken in by two other humans. Crausaar instructed Seth to prepare a safe haven for the three dracos. While Seth did so, Jextil lived in a cave near the Guild Hall of the Nethers.

That Bleeding Moon, when Seth had finished preparing the haven, Jextil and his siblings were taken to their new home. Once the dracos were inside, Seth casted a protective spell on the cave to seal it.

Much later, in the Fighting Moon of Year 432, a Forest Priest was found. He was looking for a crystal statue of Crausaar, who by then was deceased. In the following years this Priest continued to search for the statue, until finally in the Growing Moon of Year 435 the Crystal Dragon Statue was given to Cyric by a Pixie in the recently discovered Tower. The Forest Priest and his brother met Cyric. The Priest revealed that he was actually Mexur in human form, and that his brother was Jextil.

The two brothers told Cyric that they wished to use the statue to open a passage that would allow their sister, Pervil, to live with her kin. Cyric gave them their statue in exchange for a token of appreciation. Jextil said that Cyric could use the token just once to summon the red dragon.

Now that they had the statue, Mexur and Jextil met their sister Pervil near the rocks to the south of the Mirith cemetery. In their human form, Mexur and Jextil completed a ceremony, opening a passage inside the rocks. At the same time, however, a band of Brigands attacked. Mexur and Jextil hurried their sister into the opening, but before the two could reseal the cave, a Brigand Mage came up and snatched the statue away from them and teleported off.

Realizing that the opening could not be sealed, Mexur and Jextil went into the cave to examine the situation. When they returned, they warned the humans that no one should enter at all costs. The humans entered anyways, and what they found became known as Crausaar's Descent. Finally, they flew off to seek out the statue. The three dragon siblings have not been seen since that day.

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