Jedd engaged in a pirate duel.

Jedd is a young Fighter. No public records exist that tell of his early life, but it is known that he came of age in Lerilin at the tale end of Year 432. He spent his time alone mining until he was invited to join the Circle of Friends early in the Year 433.

There he grew up as he made friends with his guildmates and became known as the Gingerbread Warrior, an avid wearer of green and promoter of tasty treats. He travelled the world and became stronger, strong enough to survive the chaotic Ice War of Year 433/434. The day when half of Duldrus was razed to the ground by an Ice Dragon haunts his dreams to this day. For reasons he still refuses to disclose, Jedd strangely disappeared in the middle of the war, at the beginning of Year 434. Two years passed without a trace of the fighter. It was believed by some that he was dead, or that he had left to become an outlaw. These possibilities eventually proved to be untrue.

As suddenly as he had left, Jedd arrived at the bank steps of his hometown Lerilin in the Bleeding Moon of Year 436. Much had changed, and he came upon many unfamiliar faces. Around this time is when Jedd began to take on a large interest in history, after the tragic destruction of the old Circle of Friends library.

Jedd learned that all of his old guildmates had either left or vanished in his absence. He became very discouraged, but nonetheless he remained in the guild and helped to rebuild it to its former stature and presence in Lerilin. He was elected as guild leader in the Harvest Moon of Year 436. He maintained this position successfully until he slowly but surely drew away. His attention was drawn elsewhere, and he couldn't remain as the leader of a guild that demanded so much activity.

So it was in the Waking Moon of Year 437 when he made a rare visit to the guild hall. The visit wasn't a cheerful one - he and his fellow leader and longtime friend, Jastherin, announced their resignation from their positions of leadership. Leadership was passed back to Heike - the original leader of the guild who had recently returned after a long disappearance. As his guildmates noted, things had gone full circle. Although Jedd was ashamed at his inability, he was at least satisfied that he had helped to revitalize the guild so that it was still there.

In the following moons, Jedd freely wandered the lands, stopping in Lerilin to see his guildmates on occasion. The Circle of Friends emblem still adorned his clothing, but he had become quite out-of-touch and rarely fulfilled his duties.

A chance visit to Duldrus in the Red Moon of Year 437 resulted in a new chapter of his life. The town was still in a state of disrepair since its destruction in the Ice War. Jedd and his old friend Razan lived inside the town and became dedicated activists in the popular effort to rebuild Duldrus. While their efforts appeared to have no immediate impact, at the end of the year, another battle in the town encouraged King Galandir to send new shopkeepers to populate the vacant shops.

The Year 438 saw momentous changes for Jedd. As the year dawned, he moved back to Mirith and reentered public life, joining up with a mysterious group/cult known as the BTS. He discarded the green uniform that he had worn since 433 and took up light blue. Throughout the Waking Moon and Growing Moon of that year, he assisted Senator Muqities of Andris in research on a weapon that was said to be able to kill the Queen Spider. As it turned out, Jedd had been working undercover for Mirith as well. At around the same time, Jedd was pitted against his friend Razan in a bloody Privateer scandal, in what Jedd would later call one of the most memorable events of his lifetime.

Seemingly out of the blue (pun intended), Jedd joined the Mirith Vanguard in the Bleeding Moon of that year, shocking many. He realized that his work with Muqities on the Queen Spider would come to an end, but he accepted this. As he would tell others, the work was more or less completed. As for leaving the guild he had been in for over five years, he had known that this day was coming ever since his return in 436. He had found it difficult to remain in the guild, as nearly all of his old guildmates from earlier days were long gone.

Now part of the Mirith Vanguard, Jedd found himself completing official tasks for the city. One such mission involved discovering a secret Diabolical fortress at the bottom of Aborek, that he styled the Black Asylum. Later, during Mirith's campaign to recover the Emerald Prism, Jedd found himself placed in charge of the group that was tasked with carrying the Cerulean Diamond in order to find the emerald.

Then, Jedd took an extended trip into the wilderness. He returned to find Mirith captured and much of the Royal Court slain by Tirana and the Twins. Without a second thought, he joined the Mirith Resistance forces in Duldrus. There, he worked to build the Resistance army, establishing a supply chain as well as recruiting and training refugees to be soldiers. He was very pleased to see Duldrus grow in popularity during the Mirithian exile, but it wasn't to last. After Mirith was recaptured by the Resistance during the Sleeping Moon, Duldrus was quickly emptied and returned to its previous state, and the pirate Halforth turned out to be N'eroth and was crowned king. This factor, in addition to a growing distaste for official affairs, led to Jedd leaving the Mirith Vanguard nearly immediately after the Liberation of Mirith.

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