Istra Falvo is a wandering wizard with the ability to concoct elixirs and 'soups' with a wide variety of magical properties. With this arsenal at her disposal, she has vanquished no less than three of the highest-ranking leaders of the Black Hand.

Istra Falvo copy 2

Istra Falvo in battle.

She is the daughter of the famed Maralian rogue Zara Falvo, and niece of ex-general Valencia Falvo. Her father’s identity remains unknown to the general public, but one popular theory points to Zexe. Aside from this, Istra is possibly King N'eroth's closest friend, and maybe at one point, his lover. Like him, she speaks with a heavy pirate accent, and has a distinct frog-like croak.

War of 438Edit

Not much is known about Istra's early years, but her later adventures have been well-documented. She began to gain renown during the Blue Moon of Year 438, whilst the elections in Andris were taking place. First, she and her travel companion Halforth helped protect Senate candidate Ivanelda Janik from a kidnapping attempt. Then, the dynamic duo led a party to the top ofNystral's Tower to retrieve a book for Senator Morgans.

Istra's meeting with Morgans was an emotional one, as the senator had long ago been the teacher of Zara. Unsurprisingly, Istra and Morgans became fast friends. It also turned out that the book was a gift from Zara herself, and so Morgans bequeathed it to Istra, along with the key that was required to open it. The book contains a trove of Black Magic spells, and remains in the possession of Istra to this day. Over time, she learned quite a few spells from it and began to employ them with reckless abandon, causing much public concern at the time. It is also possible that she used the book to enhance her famous magical concoctions – though this is mere speculation.

Whatever the case, when the War of 438 broke out soon afterwards, Istra took it upon herself to create a soup that could kill the Twins. She and Halforth traveled far and wide to do research and gather ingredients, all throughout the Fighting Moon. As for her motives, it is likely that she had some personal vendetta against the Twins, given that they were the ones that had conquered her hometown in 426.

Finally, when the Mirithian Resistance army stormed their fallen city under the Sleeping Moon, it was time for Istra to strike. While Halforth joined the Resistance troops fighting in the streets, Istra descended into the sewers. There, she successfully administered her ‘soup’ to the Twins – no doubt under the cover of one of her famous disguises. But it appeared that the soup was only partially effective, and the Twins survived, albeit heavily poisoned. Devastated, Istra ran sobbing back to Halforth, just as the Resistance was claiming victory. All together now, they entered the sewers, just in time to see Commander Nyatha Vaup finish off the Twins for good.

But the day’s events were still not over. When Halforth was revealed to be King N’eroth, Istra was filled with disappointment. She departed the city, not to return for many days, and only then in disguise.


On her first day back, Istra met and dined with the wizard Csilith, who was also in disguise. It was also on this day that Istra was reported to have gotten drunk at the pub with a disguised N’eroth, before departing with him for a tryst.

Istra soon left again, being unable to stay away from the forests. Every once in a while, she would run into N’eroth, and flirt with him and taunt him mercilessly (she had already taken to calling him “baby king” without fail). She remained bitter about what had happened to her friend, saying that he no longer needed a “forest witch” now that he had a royal court to praise him.

But in the meantime, trouble was brewing with Csilith, who was revealed to be the central agent in a sinister infiltration plot by the D.D.D.. Istra brought the whole thing to a crashing halt when she delivered another one of her soups, turning Csilith into a spider.

After this, Istra was reported to be working with N’eroth on the Elixir of Zimm, which would allow the drinker to breathe underwater (and thus visit the realm of the Mhara). This project appeared to be a success, and multiple bottles were produced, but it is unknown if Istra or N’eroth ever put one to use.

Other adventures she has been involved in include the investigation of Major Sule Tesdor’s death, and the search for Altaira Mei. Istra has also created an Elixir of Love, which was stolen by brigands, and at least a few bottles of Elixir of Forgetfulness.

But ever since N’eroth left his city in 441 to sail the high seas, Istra has not been seen anywhere. She undoubtedly continues to wander the forests and oceans of Oberin, perhaps on her own, or perhaps with her old pirate-king friend.