Ice Dragon

An Ice Dragon is a very large and tough level 13 creature, and is the adult version of the Ice Draco. Like all Dragons, they have an extremely strong attack as well as very high HP and Armor Rating. They also appear Red in Tracking. Ice Dragons drop much Gold, Dragon Teeth, and Dragon Scales. They are only found deep inside the Ice Dungeon. The Ice Dragon is the fourth-strongest Dragon, being stronger than the Forest and Sand Dragons, while being weaker than the Red, Black, and Abyss Dragons.


During the Ice War, Ice Dragons wreaked havoc in Oberin. Sent out by the Ancient Ice Dragons, they were responsible for many attacks. Two Ice Dragons invaded Rebel Island, and not much later an Ice Dragon burned down the whole south section of Duldrus. Later on, one led an army of Frost Giants and nearly overran Mirith. During the same time as this attack, an Ice Dragon was present at the Taking of Welif by the Lizard Men. An Ice Dragon led the charge at the Andris Bridge. Following the death of the great Ancient, 6 Ice Dragons filled up the Ice Dungeon. In the later stages of the war, the son of the ancient, Vandrovic, was a cunning and powerful Ice Dragon that caused turmoil.

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