Ice Crystals are rare Enchanting items that can be found in a Chest within the dragon lair of the Ice Dungeon. They can also be acquired by giving 10 Copper Spoons to Agatha, near Welif. They can be made into an Infused Ice Crystal using Enchanting which can then be used to Enchant an Essence of Speed.


The very first Ice Crystal was purchased by REDMAN at the grand auction of the Blue Moon Festival, Year 428. A few days after the auction, an Ice Sorceress and her attendant Frost Mage appeared around Marali, claiming that some thieves had stolen their crystal. The Sorceress demanded that RED return it, but he didn't want to have his purchase go to waste, and wanted to know how to use the crystal. After a tense conversation, the Sorceress and the Mage summoned an army of Frost Giants with Black Magic.

Eventually, the giants were dispatched with the help of Commander Nyatha Vaup. The Sorceress fled, warning that she would return. As a reward, Vaup gave RED a Marali Token and told him to keep the crystal, adding in the advice that he seek out one of the grand mages, such as Seth, Evers, Alastor, or Beleth.

During the Fighting Moon, there were sightings of the Frost Mage in the Ice Dungeon. RED went to visit the Frozen Wastes for himself, and decided that the crystal should not be returned until the doubt surrounding the two mysterious ice magicians has cleared up. A number of days later, the Sorceress came to RED all on her own, skipping and singing. Without the 'attendant' Frost Mage, the situation was much less tense, and RED noticed that the Sorceress is still a child.

He asked her about the usage of the crystal, but she again dodged the question. RED wanted to return the crystal to her, but was worried that it would only get stolen by the Frost Mage. Even if her heart was pure, there were still too many unknown variables: whether or not it had power, and whether anything would happen if it were obtained by the Frost Mage, or even Marthonis.

So, RED held on to the crystal and eventually found Seth. Seth formed a plan to open the long-dormant fire portal, using the crystal as a catalyst. RED went along with the experiment, but it did not succeed, only resulting in all the portals being shut down…again.

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