Hill Giants

Two Hill Giants duking it out.

A Hill Giant, often abbreviated HG, is a stronger version of a Giant. They are level 9, and appear blue on Tracking. When you use Anatomy on one, they appear to be unbelivably strong, which means they have 101 or more Strength/HP. They also have very high Armor Rating. Hill Giants live inside the Rock Maze and deep inside the Pixie Cave as well as the Spider Cave, which is located inside the Rock Maze. They drop around 1,000 Gold Pieces and usually a Giant Heart. They occasionally drop Clubs of Power, and very rarely they will drop a Ring of Lesser Heal. Their cousins, the Frost Giants, are a bit stronger than them.

For level 9 Fighters, hunting Hill Giants is very popular and profitable. Fighters at that level can hunt Hill Giants solo without much trouble, provided they have potions. However, with a Cleric, they can kill the Hill Giants much more effectively. As Hill Giants have very high Armor Rating, it is helpful to have a high Anatomy skill level, as Critical Hits ignore Armor Rating. Hill Giants are susceptible to poison and poison weapons will kill them much faster.

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