A Hell Mage of Tirana's army.

A Hell Mage is a Level 12 magical creature. They are able to cast Blaze and an exceptionally powerful Fireball.

Appearance Edit

Similar to a Bone Mage in appearance, Hell Mages hold a redder hue, and seem to almost emanate fire.

Hell Mages

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Spotted Edit

While a Quest Character that is skilled enough in Black Magic could always summon forth Hell Mages in an RTQ, a group wishing to hunt them can travel to the Hell Mage Dungeon.

Lore Edit

The first Hell Mages were unleashed upon the world during the Liberation of Mirith at the end of the War of 438. As the Mirithian Resistance army stormed into their fallen city to liberate it from the usurper Tirana, they were caught by surprise by the new creations, and many fell instantly to their powerful magic.

Most informed denizens of Oberin initially surmised that they were the creation of Valencius and Jalux, two former Diabolicals. This was because of an incident that occurred about one moon prior, in which a secret laboratory belonging to Valencius was spotted inside the Volcano. The mages were reported to have been collecting magma.

Though none of the free peoples of Oberin knew what was being created in that laboratory at the time, the possibilities could not be denied. In any case, Valencius was soon verbally confirmed to be the creator by a group of Hell Mages and Brigands that ambushed an escort traveling back on the road from the Resistance Camp in Duldrus.

In the following days, as geopolitical balance returned, more rank-and-file wizards of the Black Hand demonstrated the ability to summon Hell Mages as they would any other creature, and thus the undead beings became a more common sight. Furthermore, several moon cycles later, an abandoned structure that this author believes to be the old lab of Valencius was discovered in the farthest depths of the Volcano. To this day, should a group of adventurers manage to reach this hellish place, they will find hordes of Hell Mages still wandering the halls.


Hell Mages spout a variety of colorful taunts and insults, such as:

  • Burn in Hell!
  • Die like the rest.
  • Feel me... hear me... torch me.
  • I find you wanting.
  • The pain will be hellish.
  • Pitiful, just pitiful.
  • Ready to burn!
  • Fry in that can! (Fighter only)