Hayate self-portrait

Widely recognised as the strongest fighter in the game, Lord Hayate is revered as a demigod by a sect of Lizard Men - the Great ssssSlayer.  It is certain that he has slain more Lizard Men than any other adventurer, though nowadays he prefers to kill Stone Golems.  These are plentiful near his GYPSY guild hall.

Hayate gives his name both to an alcoholic drink - Hayate's Sake and a pub - The Dead Hayate in Welif.

Throughout the Ice War of Year 433/434, the Lizard Men attempted to avenge the death of their countless fallen comrades by specifically targetting Hayate during the many battles. The lizard generals, Ssscglaw and Ssssglissya, were known to arrive at the scene of a battle only to slay Hayate and then depart. When the lizards captured Welif, they renamed the pub to 'The Dead Hayate', and the name stuck. Near the war's end, General Sshassor challenged Hayate to a one-on-one duel, thus luring Hayate into the Lizard's stronghold of Welif. But then, Sshassor went back on his word and unleashed his private army to surround Hayate and bring him to the gray world. Not long afterwards, a group of Hayate-worshiping lizards defected from the lizard army and released technical information regarding Welif to the humans. With the help of these Hayate cultists, the humans were able to liberate Welif and route the lizard army, thus ending the war.

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