If it should be that our last refuge falls, I shall still fight on, if there is any breath left in me to utter the words of prayer.


ID window of Halcrion.

Halcrion is a paladin of the Knights of Silver. He is brown-haired and wears the Order’s light blue robes when not fighting in full plate armor. He also hates rats.


Halcrion at home.

Like Commander Gruodland, Halcrion loathes the king of Mirith, N'eroth, as well as the Brigobaen Order. Unlike Gruodland, however, Halcrion is more willing to share the secret past of the Knights of Silver.

Halcrion is also a bit more open-minded. He was the one who suggested forming an alliance with N’eroth, upon realizing that the Knights could not contend with both Vandrovic and an Ancient of the green hue.


Halcrion in full armor.

Halcrion was also the one who decided to give Crystal Tokens to representatives of The Hidden Vale and to N’eroth. Doing this meant that he was putting himself and the Knights at the mercy of the king. Since giving away these tokens, Halcrion has not been seen nor heard of, along with Gruodland.

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