The Greeter, or Town Greeter, is an NPC who usually wanders around close to the bank . Greeters answer questions and give information when prompted by keywords, and greeters also have quests. They will give you experience for a piece of candy, or give you Volcanic Ashes in exchange for Spider Fangs. Some greeters know a few "notable players" and GMs by name and will tell you something about them.


Player: "Hayate " Greeter: "He is a great fighter."

Player: "Lenard " Greeter: "Is he trying to hide from something behind that pillar?"

Player: "Charnath " Greeter: "Straighten up and fly right, or he will come for you."

Lerilin's greeter is Duvalle.

Andris' greeter is Nusbalm .

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