The gold piece is Oberin's form of currency and is commonly abbreviated as gp. Gold pieces are used to buy and sell items, and are just like dollars, pounds or yen.

Shops in Oberin always buy and sell using gold pieces. When players trade with themselves, they can use whatever they want; some use gold, but others prefer to pay with reagents or other raw materials.

A player's bank is capped at 10,000,000gp. Any amount deposited in excess of this number is lost, with no possibility of recovery.

The amount of gold that a character may deposit in or withdraw from the bank at one time is effectively capped at 999,999 gp. If a character deposits or withdraws an amount greater than this in one action, then that character's file will become corrupted, with no chance of recovery. When depositing or withdrawing large amounts of gold from the bank, the amount of gold in one's inventory does not matter. However, one would be wise to keep an eye on the amount of gold being moved at one time.