The Giant Spider is a dark grey, eight-legged, Level 6 creature which inhabits the forests of Oberin, Aborek, and the Spider Cave. It attacks players on sight, is fast, has a strong bite, and its bite often poisons. Dead giant spiders yield Spider Legs, Poison Glands, and Spider Fangs (which can be traded in to Duvalle for Volcanic Ash).

Because of its previously mentioned attributes, the Giant Spider (GS) is an excellent pet choice for the Druid who has achieved level 6 Taming. Giant Spiders eat Raw Steaks, steaks, trout, and most other meats, and must be fed frequently while fighting. They can often be found in the forests around Mirith. The Gooey Park South/Southwest of Mirith is a good place to train a new GS, as they can generally solo a gooey with just a couple of heals.

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