Frost Giants come from the Gigantis family of creatures in Oberin. The Strongest of the Gigantis family, and persistent, these creatures tend to wreak havoc on unexpecting adventurers.

Appearance Edit

Frost Giant

Frost giant mid-war. (They did not win the war.)

Similar to Giants, their appearance is blueish in hue, and have been known to have beards made of ice, they walk around with a giant Club, and a fur rag as clothing, presumably made from past kills.

Tracking Edit

These monsters appear Blue when rangers track them.

Known Loot Edit

Spotted Edit

Inside the Ice Dungeon, and during the Ice War


Triple-Ouch Giant in a Quadruple.. oh, wait, no... here come the Gooeys! Quintuple! Aah! Ice Dungeon. Don't forget the Dragons (D(D(D))), plural, are the fastest-and-strongest, too. At least the Gapers and Ice Dracos ("ice cos") for Dracos are - oh, never mind.

Blue to Tracking if they surface. Drops up to 2K gold, at times a Frost Axe, handy for the Volcano or against Lava creatures in the.. Lava Dungeon! Other side of Oberin, requires its own Portal and double-crystals just to get in-and-out. But you can save that return ticket, half the time ;)

Flaming Swords, anyone? survived to tell the tale?