A Flask of Perfume is obtained by giving 50 Snake Eggs to Talia at the Potion Shop in Port Gast. One gifts a Flask of Perfume to Rung, the Stinky Forest Troll, at the forests near Mirith for a Purple Robe of Resistance and 500 experience points. Rung moves around, so it would be wise to look for him with a Ranger who has found him before.

Legend tells of a romance that was fostered between Rung the tailor and Talia the alchemist. A Jealous wizard attempted to vie for Talia's affection to no avail, but at great cost to Rung who was turned into a stinky forest troll. Rung's stink is so strong, that he cannot enter Port Gast and be with his beloved Talia. Talia sends only the boldest to find Rung in the forest and present him with a Flask of Perfume to quell his stink so that she may share an interlude, however brief, with Rung. The perfume allows Talia to come into Rung's proximity while in the out doors, but does not quell the stink enough to allow Rung and Talia to embrace. Rung continues to taylor purple robes to which Talia uses her skills of alchemy to turn the robes into Purple Robes of Resistance. Rung will present you with the Purple Robe of Resistance in gratitude for gifting him with a Flask of Perfume. It is to late for Rung, as the spell that turned him into a stinky forest troll cannot be undone, but Rung gifts the Purple Robe of Resistance to protect those who wear it from being turned into stinky forest trolls. Rung intentionally colors the robes purple to symbolize the injury sustained to his heart for the act of loving Talia, but being unable to embrace her.

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