Fishing is the skill associated with catching marine creatures from water. You need a Fishing Pole to use this skill. You can catch Trout, Lobster, Tuna, Sea Bass and Electric Eels. Successes are gained by successfully gathering fish. We recommend that you go Cooking with your Trout, making into Fish Steak or Dried Trout.

Fishing with a skill of 1 is very frustrating, because you will almost never catch fish and your Fishing Pole will often break. Persist at it and catch some Trout each day, and you should obtain Fishing level 2, which makes Fishing easier. It takes approximately 2300 Fishing attempts to get the 100 successes needed for Fishing 2.

There are reports of rare item catches (like a Robe of Resistance or Robe of Protection), but those are extremely unlikely. Reports indicate that Rares are caught approximately 1 in 1500 catches. Any non-fish, whether valuable like a Tarnished Necklace or inexpensive like a Red Crystal counts as a rare when fishing.

Name Level
Trout 1
Electric Eel 3


Tuna 6
Sea Bass 6

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