Fish Steak
Skill Required
To Craft
Level 1
Weight Points
Materials Required
Shop Buying Price: ? gp Shop Selling Price: 2 gp

Fish Steak is an effective use of your Trout. Each time that you use your Cooking skill to make Fish Steak, it yields 3 Fish Steaks for every 1 Trout. You can even make Fish Steak if your Cooking skill is only 1. With a skill that low, you will often fail, but the high 3-to-1 yield should help offset that.

Some players live on a diet of Fish Steak, buying their Trout from shops (or going Fishing) and Cooking it. At Cooking level 2, you might find it easier to make Steak from Raw Steak dropped by various beasts. If you manage to reach Cooking level 3, then you also have the choice of making 1 Dried Trout instead of 3 Fish Steaks.