Erich Kaestner (or Kästner) is a rogue living in Oberin. After his mind and soul were currupted by a Petrified Gaper Eye, he lost his mind and most of his memories, and began to call himself Neblin. He has reciently been restored, and is Erich once more.

Erich Kaestner, the man before Neblin.Edit

Not much is known about Erich's life before his bout of insanity. Erich seems to be a surviving member of the Eye Cult, possessing a magic gaper eye that projects itself to him through a voice he calls "Dietrich." Kästner also appears to have been in Aborek during the death of Willow Hauksen. However, Erich was knocked unconsious before Willows death. Neblin speaks of waking up with both legs broken and his arm stuck underneath a pile of stones and rubble. After sawing off his arm, Erich Kästner crawled out of Aborek. While Neblin did wear an arm crafted from a stone golem, he is an unreliable narrator, so the validity of this story is unknown.

Erich Kaestner was also in the service of the Twins, saying they were "the greatest leaders I've ever followed." He was captured by Marali at one point, and tortured to the point where he had many of his toes and possibly his eye cut out. Erich was involved in the Storm on Marali, and possibly started to show signs of post traumatic stress disorder and surivors syndrom shortly before the storm. Shortly after the storm, the petrified gaper eye currupted Kästner's soul, causing him to lose most of his memories, including his true name and his ability to cast black magic.

Erich Kaestner, the man formerly known as Neblin.Edit

After Alda Thera restored his soul, Erich still has his demons. Kästner is much better off mentally, but he still has nightmares about being in the Black Hand, specifically the Storm of Marali. If he puts down his petrified gaper eye for extended periods of time, he will rapidly age and go senile. His mamed body parts (his left arm, his left eye, and apparently a few of his toes) have been restored as well. He is polite, and known to reside in Andris, Lerilin, and Mirith, but he still cannot handle seeing Marali, let alone step inside the city. Kästner currently works to bring peace to Oberin, and while disliking violence, he is not afraid to fight. Erich chooses not to use black magic, as his restoration removed the mental, spiritual, and physical damage it caused. Kästner also seems to "get along" with the petrified gaper eye

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