Equipment is a piece of armor, weapon, or ancillary item worn by your character that protects and enhances its abilities. To break equipment down by types and functions is faily easy:

Armor is something worn that offers protection of the body and head and they reduce incoming damage to the player via Armor Rating.

Plate, Chain Mail, Leather and Robes are types of body armor. A shield is also counted as armor.

Under cloth fall two categories:

In addition to cloth classes (Cleric, Druid and Wizard) wearing robes, you will also see Rogues wearing them. Lastly, you may see all plate classes wearing RoR against Brackens, Liches and other powerful magical creatures.


  • Weapons can be one-handed (a Dagger, Sword, or Flail) or two-handed (a Bow, Spear or Stave.) You cannot also equip a shield with a two-handed weapon.
  • Weapons can be mundane or magical.If the weapon is magical it will say "of Speed, of Duarability, of Power" at the end of it. Magical weapons cannot be repaired.
  • Silver weapons which are very effective against undead.
  • Poisoned weapons which are effective against most living creatures.


  • Rings that are Class Rings (make certain specials available) or increase abilities (Rogues using rings that increase stealthed steps taken.)
  • Rafts - not equipped per se but carried in one's pack. It deploys automatically when you step onto water.

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