The Dragon's Gate emblem.

Dragon's Gate is one of the largest and most active guilds currently in Oberin. Remaining free from internal politics and drama since founding, the membership has a very low turnover rate. This is a non-exclusive guild, meaning that they do not hold hunts or events that are restricted to members only, perferring to keep the atmosphere casual, friendly and inclusive. At most Oberin hunts or RTQ's, you will see at least one player in attendance wearing the Dragon's Gate emblem, and usually two or three.

In-character, the guild's loyalty is to Mirith, and during Galandir's reign, most of their work for the castle was done directly for Mirith's First Scout, Captain Sir Casden Pernell (now deceased). This work involved scouting, reconnaissance, gathering and organization of troops for battle, and reporting unusual events. The members are always willing to help where there is need, and this includes the defense of the other cities of Oberin.

The leader of Dragon's Gate is the rogue, Shayde, and her right-hand man is the fighter Draeto. The guild hall is located just Southwest of the Sea Serpent Pass which leads into the Tree Maze Woods, when paddling upriver from Mirith.

Dragon's Gate Website

Dragon's Gate Player Resources - Includes Current Player Market Prices and up-to-date Quest List.

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