The Disorient spell causes your target to move in a random direction rather than its chosen direction for a short period of time. It also causes nearly all spells cast by that creature to fizzle, though creatures with higher magery levels will still have a limited ability to cast spells. While disoriented, nearly all spells targeting the creature will also fizzle. Higher level mages will have greater odds of getting spells through. Disorient lasts approximately 50% longer than Paralyze at the same Magery level.

When this spell is used against a player-character (such as by a Gaper or Bone Mage or QChar), it is important for that player to recognize that their friendly clerics will have a very difficult time healing them until the Disorient wears off. Even the highest-level clerics may get 3 or 4 fizzles for every successful healing spell cast on a disoriented teammate. For this reason, any player who becomes disoriented must be prepared to drink potions to heal themselves until the spell wears off.

Magic Words
* rel pos bol *
Level Required
Level 6 Magery/Wizard
Reagents Required
1 Garlic, 1 Poison Gland, 1 Electric Eel
Mana Required
36 MP
Successes Earned
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