GM Dagger
Skill Required
To Craft
Level 1
Melee skill
Weight Points
Materials Required
1 ingot, 1 board
Shop Buying Price: 10 gp Shop Selling Price: 20 gp

A Dagger is a short, double-edged blade which used to be used in the Daggers skill, though now is the only way to make use of the Stamina bar and otherwise accomplish a rogue Special attack. Though fighters tend to view daggers as the weakest, most inferior weapons; rogues like to wield these. (It helps that the Daggers skill was a prime skill to rogues, but not to fighters.)

A player can craft a dagger at Blacksmithing level 1. A GM or GrandMaster Dagger requires only Blacksmithing level 2, and lasts about twice as long. Rogues frequently make these daggers, and they often also apply poison to them, so the Poison Dagger and the GM Poison Dagger are both common items in the possession of rogues. Once Poisoning is used by a rogue with a bottle of poison, on a non-Special weapon, it will wear at about 2X the rate as otherwise, so a poisioned GM Dagger will last as long as a Dagger. 

Tips Edit

Though a dagger needs only 1 ingot and 1 board, the shops which sell them for 20 g p only pay 10 gold pieces for a dagger. A mace requires a higher Blacksmithing level but also uses only 1 ingot and 1 board (while giving 2 successes /mace). Shops pay 66 gp for a mace; but whereas the forge shop usually buys daggers, the mace requires a trip to the weapon shop. This running back-and-forth might well be best-done by a rogue and /or ranger, who can work on skills (stealth, probably tracking) as they go most-easily, all while refreshing bags to prevent the poof.

Rogues should normally use daggers instead of any other kind of weapon. A rogue should keep some extra ingots and /or boards in the bank so that he or she is always ready to go to the forge and make more daggers, as GM weapons are not sold in Shops.

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