The Curio is one of the oldest magical items in Oberin, composed of three pieces that, when put together, form a sphere. Just like any old magical item, the stories around it are sometimes contradictory. One version says that the Curio is a piece of the moon fallen on earth, sent by the Goddess of Life to Elara in order to give her the power to defeat the Black Plague. Another version states that the Curio was around long before that time, and that it was used to trap the lich of Neth and to put an end to his reign of terror.

Where mythology and history meet, the chronology is necessarily contradictory. One thing is certain: at some point, after the death of Dethras (even though his connection with the story is unclear), the Curio was thought to be so dangerous in the wrong hands that its three pieces were separated.

One piece was kept in Mirith, another in Andris, and a third one in Marali, which enraged the populations of Lerilin and Brogan's Keep. To prove that the latter was safer than Marali, the mage Aborek built a portal to gain access to the vault of the city and steal their third. Being an advanced student of Black Magic as he was, Aborek had also a second intention: he wanted to use the Curio to build the most powerful weapon known up to this day, the Blood Dagger.

Marali eventually recovered their part of the Curio (it is unclear where was the Curio during the siege of Marali in 426, or what prevented the Twins from using it to their favour). It was then Andris' turn to lose hers. Gordon Lancaster, after betraying the Senate to which he belonged and declaring himself the king of Andris, was ready to use the Curio to become the most powerful man in Oberin. Not being a wizard, he needed someone to awaken the piece of the moon for him, which meant the kidnapping of Serene, one of Elara's heirs. The plan did not work out so well, and Serene was eventually rescued, however, he did have the time to use the woman's talents to gather some of the Curio's power. Therefore, when Andris was liberated, Lancaster fled to the sea taking the Curio with him. Far away from the shore, with the magic of the Curio, he built a place to hide, that is now known as the Ice Dungeon.

When Lancaster was finally killed, the Andrisian third of the Curio could not be recovered. It was only years later that the mage Alastor, who used to research on ancient objects, discovered that the same third was feeding the power of an entity known as the Eye, who had a cult of followers in Duldrus. The Eye priests had been able to remove the Curio from the Ice Dungeon by using a golden fleece to wrap it (otherwise too strong for a human to bear carrying).

The battle against the Eye was one of the bloodiest in the history of Oberin, however, with the combined efforts of many people gathered under the lead of Zexe, Bireck McCalla and Beleth, with the help of Marthonis, and with Alastor's information, Mirith was able to recover the Curio and, shortly after, to return it to Andris.

To the best of our knowledge, each third is, at the moment, safely kept by the respective city. But one never knows...