Crausaar, Lord of the Forest, was the leader of the forest dragons. When still in his prime, he made a pact with the other species of dragons: red and black (the sand and ice species were still tucked away in their hidden corners of the world). As part of this pact, Crausaar would sire a child with a dragon from both species. His firstborn was Mexur, a forest dragon like himself. Then came Jextil, a red, and finally Pervil, a black.

In order to reach the forgotten realm of the black dragons, Crausaar had come to the Knights of Silver for aid. They made a crystal statue carved in his likeness that had allowed him to unseal the ancient passage now known as Crausaar's Descent.

Sometime later, during Crausaar's time of dying, he resided in the mountains of Duldrus. In Year 425 (not long after Elefin's betrayal), he became known to the general public and grew close to some of the humans. As he died, Crausaar requested that his three children – still dracos at the time – be taken care of. His wish was fulfilled. Crausaar left behind a legacy of peace between dragonkind and humankind. His children work to uphold this legacy, yet it has been in jeopardy ever since his death. Most recently, the wily ice dragon Vandrovic has endangered this peace, assembling a united front against all humans.

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