Location of Circle of Friends Guild Hall.

The Circle of Friends is a Guild dedicated to helping new players/demos get started in Oberin. They were formed at the end of Year 432, and they are based near Lerilin and their large Guild Hall is a very short walk from town. To get to it, you can walk directly southwest of the Lerilin Jail, or directly southeast of the Portal. Their hall currently has two Guards, a Public Temple, and a Public Stable. The guild leader is Heike. Anyone wishing to apply to Circle of Friends must be at least Level 5 and agree to all points on their Charter.



  • Abernta
  • Heike/Irika/Mirrim
  • Jastherin/Justal/Gohbo
  • Lans
  • Kate
  • Mazin
  • Torcara
  • Ferrun
  • Liam

Somewhat ActiveEdit

  • Aurelia/Agnes
  • Borti
  • Bremden
  • Cara/Dessa Fey
  • Kyr Glanaugh
  • Winnie/Zoe


  • Rianna
  • Zaven

Former MembersEdit

  • Jedd
  • Marquisen/Marian/Circassca
  • Mirabel
  • Morrigana/Karlanski Koth/Krashak Jadak/Keane
  • Patarius
  • Razan
  • Renard/Claius

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