Wizards are the offensive magic users of Oberin. They excel in destruction with spells. A wizard's spells are all designed either to harm an enemy or to weaken them in some way. The spell most commonly associated with wizards is Lightning Bolt. Furthermore, they can also craft a variety of magic items. Via the crafting PrimeEnchanting.

Notable Wizards

Tips & Tricks Edit

For starting a wizard, the following distribution of skill points is recommended:

  • Level 4 Magery/Wizard for a good spell selection.
  • Level 2 Meditation is fine, this skill is easy to level.
  • Level 4 Resisting Magic to resist enemy magic. This skill is difficult to level, so don't start with level 1.
  • Level 2 Enchanting is fine, this skill is easy to level.
  • Level 3 Mining or Lumberjacking because a great way for Wizards to make money is from Enchanting, which requires a lot of Raw MaterialsEtherite is extracted from harvested LogsFerrite or Black Ferrite (which gives more etherite than regular ferrite). The etherite can be sold in the Magic Shop, or for more profit it can be used to infuse CrystalsInfused Crystals can be sold in the Gem Shop for various prices. In the long run, it is more profitable to choose Lumberjacking instead of Mining, because once one has a high enough level in Lumberjacking, they can use a Dwarven Hand Axe to get double Logs and thus double Etherite.

Skills Edit

Wizards have the following skills available:

Type Skills Max. Level
Primary Skills Magery/WizardMeditationEnchanting No Limit
Economic BlacksmithingCookingFishingLumberjackingMiningTailoringWoodcrafting
Other Resisting MagicWrestling
HealingHiding 3
Taming 2
Detecting HiddenLockpicking 1