One of the three fighting classes of Oberin, two others are the Fighter and the Rogue. This page concerns the Ranger, a class which can wear Plate Armor for heavy melee; however, many Rangers also prefer wearing Leather Armor for more flexibility, especially in forest hunting. This style may be categorized unofficially as Hunter.

The Ranger is a fighting character, but he tends to be a little smarter than the standard fighter. Though even when honed by years of battle his melee skills will never match an equally experienced fighter, his mastery of the bow is unsurpassed. With an array of various powerful attacks at his disposal a skilled ranger can literally tear a foe to pieces without letting them come close enough to retaliate. This ability, combined with their near miraculous tracking abilities (on Oberin's surface only), letting them know which ways enemies lie, and (roughly) how strong (or perhaps large) they are, give Rangers an edge in the wilderness, and they are often called upon to guide parties of other classes. If you aspire to be a leader, then Ranger may be the class for you.

Tips and Tricks Edit

Skills Edit

Rangers are able to deal critical strikes when using a bow. You however (almost all the time) need to stand still to have any chance to deal a critical strike with an arrow.

Rangers have the following skills available:

Type Skills Max. Level
Primary Skills ArcheryTrackingSpecial/Ranger no limit
Economic BlacksmithingCookingFishingLumberjackingMiningTailoringWoodcraftingTinkering
Other WrestlingMelee
Anatomy, Parrying, Taming 6
HealingResisting Magic 5
Hiding, Lockpicking 4
Detecting Hidden 2


Until tracking was implemented rangers would use a Sextant tool for the skill "Navigation".