The cleric is a mage that uses supportive and defensive magic in order to heal themselves and other characters. Some players associate clerics with religion and refer to them as "father" or "sister". Clerics are quite weak but help very significantly in quests or hunts.

Example of a mid-level cleric's skills.

Clerics can only kill most creatures with difficulty, so they help other players by healing them or assisting them in combat. This is such a great help to many other players. Higher-level clerics can even resurrect ghosts; thus they are so essential to major battles!

Whilst Healing and Alchemy are Cleric Primes, in addition to Magery, Clerics will find that MeditationResisting Magic, and Wrestling are highly important skills to level, whilst the "bank Primes" are useful, on the whole, only for raising Class Level.

Spells Edit

See the Magery/Cleric skill for the list of spells available to clerics.

Skills Edit

Clerics have the following skills available:

Type Skills Max. Level
Primary Skills Alchemy/ClericMagery/ClericHealing No Limit
Economic BlacksmithingCookingFishingLumberjackingMiningTailoringWoodcrafting
Other MeditationResisting Magic
Hiding 3
Taming 2
Detecting HiddenLockpicking 1

Guides Edit

Shogun's Way of the Cleric Version Three is an excellent guide for the new, and not so new, and advanced clerics.

A good way for a new cleric to start out is to assign their points as the following:

Magery/Cleric 4

Resisting Magic 4

Healing 3

Alchemy/Cleric 3

Do not put any points into meditation, it is a fast skill to level. Scroll down to see how to level it.

Alchemy/Cleric-Alchemy is mainly used for leveling meditation and class level. It is also a good way to make gold, by selling the potions back to the shop or another player. While you are just sitting at the bank between hunts, working on alchemy is a must.

Magery/Cleric-Magery is the bread and butter of being a cleric. To get a success for healing someone, they have to be hurt. Your primary healing spell will be lesser heal. Get used to seeing * pur * fill up your text log. The best place to start working on magery is healing other players at the Lerilin Cemetery, stay here for a couple of medi/mag levels. Next you can heal a higher level fighter at Mirith fighting HGs or SS but this might be too difficult. After a couple of medi/mag levels you should be getting close to magery 8. What is so special about magery 8 is that you get the spell to bring dead players back to life. Once you gain the ability to resurrect you are strong enough to go on large hunts like dragon hunts.

Healing-Other than leveling class level healing is not a very useful skill. The best way to level healing is to find some creatures near water such as the rats on the dock in Lerilin or the water elementals in Mirith and get damaged by them then move to shore/water away from the creature and bandage yourself. If you keep the creature targeted you will not regenerate health quickly. You get more successes for healing yourself, but you have to be injured. It can be tempting to powerlevel this skill to boost class level, but many more "balanced" clerics frown at this.

Meditation-Each time your meditation trance is broken you get a little success. It is very important to have meditation bound to an fkey, you can do this by typing /f1/meditation in the game. When you press f1 it will cause you to meditate. Always press meditation after casting a spell, this will help your mana come back faster and it earns you meditation success. The primary way for clerics to raise the meditation skill is through alchemy. Right after you click what potion to make begin pressing your mediation fkey, you should be able to get 4-6 meditation breaks for each potion. If you do this your alchemy and meditation will level very close to each other. When you are out of mana because of making potions you can still get meditation breaks, the best way to do this is to click your meditation fkey then unequip your belt. Then press your meditation fkey, and reequip your belt. This will cause you to be constantly breaking your meditation trance and getting a lot of successes. If you are healing a hunt and go out of mana you do not want to break your trance with your belt because you will regenerate mana much more slowly. If you need your mana back fast just press meditation once and stay in the trance. To increase your effectiveness as as cleric be sure to focus on meditation so you can cast more.

Resisting Magic-After magery and meditation RM is the most important skill for clerics. Clerics do not have much HP, and if a cleric has a low RM level a magical creature such as a gaper can kill the cleric in one hit. At first the best place to level this will be fighting pixies and the occasional bracken on the Lerilin continent, but as you increase in skill you will want to switch to Andris. It is more fun and easier to work on RM with someone else, another robe class would be best.