A quest in Aborek.

is known as the former Captain of Marali. He was appointed by Commander Vaup as one one of the first two Captains of the Marali Vanguard alongside Valerquez. Not so well known is, that before that he was one of the founding members of the Dragon Riders.

Whilst growing up in Lerilin, he moved to Marali early in his life and can still mostly be found either in the city or hunting the Marali Forest. In his life he fought many battles, such as the War against the Eye, the battles against the Blood Cult and during the Retaking of Mirith. After coming in possession of a much sought after Magic Stone in 42[7?], for a while he was hunted by Mercenaries but he escaped them and tried to pass on the Stone to Evers

During forest hunts, Boric can often be seen killing sheep. This has two reasons: not only is he a very fond eater of lamb chops, also once, a long time ago, his pet sheep Baa-rry betrayed him to the Sheep King resulting in his dislike for living sheep. 

If not fighting, he enjoys being in pubs drinking Marali Whisky and planning and organizing community events, such as the Great Oberin Talent Quest and Oberin Racing Extravaganza™, Rhyme Offs and a Human Chess PVP game.