Ash resurrecting Willow.

The Book of the Stars is a magical healing book that was once used to try and bring back Willow Hauksen to life soon after she was killed by Zara, the former girlfriend of Zexe. In the Fighting Moon of Year 437, the voice of a deceased Willow guided five 'chosen' adventurers to retrieve pages of the Book from five Mercenary encampments near the major settlements.

The book itself was found to be in the possession of Ash Hauksen, who must have stolen it from its previous location in Marali. Ash Hauksen agreed to give the Book to a group of adventurers, who took the Book and the pages to Brigobaen. Here it was learned that the Book could not be used without its counterpart, the Amulet of the Stars.

The Book was restored by a Temple Priest, who then speculated that Ash Hauksen was attempting to use the Book to resurrect Willow again. However, Ash would not be able to accomplish this task without both the Amulet or the Book. The Temple Priest found out that the Book hinted that the Amulet could be found guarded by a dragon in the MariRangers Guild Hall. After a battle with a Lich called Hilgar and a Forest Dragon, the Amulet was recovered.

Both the Amulet and the Book were taken to the Temple Priest, who attempted to examine their interactions together. He found nothing in his experiments but kept both items for safekeeping. Here the Temple Priest told of the existence of three other books and three other counterpart items(see: Historical Items).

Later, a band of Mercenaries attacked Brigobaen, stole the two artifacts and fled to Duldrus. A large battle ensued, with the Mercenaries led by Volund and Ash Hauksen himself. Volund was killed, but at the end of the battle, Ash Hauksen sealed himself off with magic runes in a clearing of the rocks. There was a dead body on the ground inside the clearing. Ash used the Book and the Amulet to successfully resurrect the body, which turned out to be Willow.

Ash asked Willow for her help to restore the family name and join him in his plunder of the lands. Willow refused, revealing that it was her voice all along that led the adventurers to the Book, in order to stop Ash. Enraged at learning this, Ash killed Willow and threw the Book in a nearby fire, destroying it. The runes weakened and Ash was killed. Thrilled at the victory, King Galandir agreed to reopen trade with the town of Duldrus, almost exactly four years after the town was nearly destroyed.

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