Black Ferrite
Obtained From
Skill Associated
Blacksmithing, Enchanting
Level Required
Weight Points
Tool Required
Mining Axe
Black Ferrites can be obtained through Mining. The percentage of obtaining a Black Ferrite when mining, in comparison to Ferrites, seems to be 5-10%, depending on your skill level. One can smelt Black Ferrites with Blacksmithing level 1; each Black Ferrite successfully smelted yields 3 Black Ingots. High level smiths can craft Black Plate Armor using Black Ingots at Blacksmithing levels 9 - 13. Wizards can also extract Etherite from Black Ferrites. When extracting Etherite from Black Ferrites, the amount of Etherite it yields is approximately 50% more than regular Ferrite or Logs. The player market price on Black Ferrite is higher than regular Ferrite; around 200-300 gp each.

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