A Bandage is an item used with the Healing skill. When a bandage is successfully applied, it causes the target's Hit Points to recover at an accelerated rate for a short period of time. Applying bandages is also the only way to gain successes in Healing (with double successes being earned when a character applies a bandage to themselves). Clerics currently having Healing as one of their Primes, and thus have to acquire far more bandages than any other class.

Bandages can be purchased from the General Store and the Tailor Shop, but they are quite expensive for newer healers, and crafting them is a cheaper alternative. For example, advancing from Healing Level 1 to 2 requires approximately 540 bandages. Purchasing this quantity of bandages from the store costs 3,240 GP. This total is almost 2.5x more expensive than the cost of the cloth required to craft the same amount of bandages, not counting for fails.

Those with higher Healing levels may find it advantageous to carry bandages on certain hunts. Advanced bandaging is able to out-heal the damage that some poison may do, and may even completely get rid of it. Carrying bandages can also help solo hunters who are not clerics, and who tend to rely on healing potions.