Arroc was a wizard siding with the cult of Life at the time of the wars of the gods. About himself, he wrote:

"Arroc was born the only son of a respected soldier residing in the city of Serlin. At a very early age, Arroc showed remarkable intelligence. After stumbling upon a book of magic incantations, he secretly started dabbling in the controversial art of aggressive and harmful magery. At the age of nine, he had learned how to poison an opponent.

Arroc's father was killed in battle by a mysterious wizard. His mother died shortly after. These events greatly hurt young Arroc. He had no where to go, so he sunk into despair and lived the miserable live of an orphan. However, he was eventually taken in by the monks of a nearby temple and raised there. He was taught all about the gods, nature, the world, and many other things that he had never heard before. He was also taught about the laws which the monks set forth and began to pride himself in being a very moral and virtuous person

Before long, the clerics observed Arroc's skill in the art of wizardry, they warned him to be very careful. However, as Arroc observed the pain and hurt around him caused by people who did not follow any law, he became convinced that he should use his skill to remove those who hurt the weak and the righteous. This philosophy prompted him to continue his studies so that one day he could defend the virtuous and slay the immoral.

After he had finished his education under the priests, he vowed eternal allegiance to the God of Life and decided it was time for him to leave and spread the teachings of the monks as well as begin his task of defending good and slaying evil. He had heard of using crystals to travel quickly, after much searching he found one and dropped it into a portal he had discovered in an ancient ruin. He was taken to another land, never to return to his own."

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