Ariki Edit

The Druid of the Looting Jesters.

Ariki was formally known as Jacky II before his name was changed to what everyone now knows him to be.

The Druid used to spend most of his time standing around Mirith Bank asking Iceane for free Dragon Teeth. Around the same time, he was known to claim to be a class 4 druid, but no one seemed to believe him.

Ariki has seen many horrible things through his travels, and bares a scare under his right eye from a warning shot from the Eye Priestess. Some people tend to think he is a traitor at times, as he has been seen talking with many different enemy groups of Oberin.

Once banished from Andris, Mirith and Marali - Although all on separate occasions. It is unknown if he is still banished from these places, but he still returns to them.

He also formed the guild Dragon Riders and eventually left to become a member of The Looting Jesters.

He's also known for dying alot.

The Player Edit

Michael is a player from New Zealand and has been a Oberin player since 2005. He currently spends his time catching up on a ridiculous amount of work piled up on his desk and updating Oberin.

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