Description HP
That creature appears to be extremely weak 1-20
That creature appears to be somewhat weak 21-35
That creature appears to be of average strength 36-50
That creature appears to be quite strong 51-75
That creature appears to be very strong 76-100
That creature appears to be unbelievably strong 101+
Anatomy is the skill associated with estimating other characters Hit Points and Strength. Successes are gained by successfully determining another characters amount of "strength". The character's strength is directly proportional to their 'hit points', unless a spell such as Strength has been cast on them. This can be useful to estimate a certain creatures vitality and strength in battles.

Anatomy can only be trained to Level 6 by Rangers, but there is no maximum level in this skill for Fighters and Rogues. Anatomy is also one of the 3 Primary Skills for Rogues.

The primary function of the Anatomy skill is passive - the higher one's Anatomy level is, the more Critical Hits they will land while fighting. Since many higher-level creatures do not take damage from regular attacks, a high level Anatomy skill is greatly valued in Fighters and Rogues. In fact, many skilled members of these two classes will claim that Anatomy is their most important skill.

Anatomy is the only skill for which the success rate does not improve with increases in skill level. Anatomy fails roughly every 2 in 3 attempts whether the user has Anatomy 1 or Anatomy 14.

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