Altaira Mei was the head cleric of Marali, when the fort was under the joint command of Adams and Kang.
Altaira Mei

She became famous for her effort to heal Anon, an incarnation of sorts of Willow Hauksen, even though the Hauksen family was considered an enemy of Marali. Anon, just like Willow, had been hurt by Zara's "Thousand Cuts", and the wound could not be healed without a spell inscribed in the Book of the Stars. In addition to the spell, Altaira requested that eight silver leaves would be gathered. The uses of pure silver in healing are not well studied nor confirmed, even less so the specific use of leaves. However, it is known that sometimes, objects made of that extremely rare sort of metal can be used to keep the patient still. The side-effects are sometimes pernicious (v. Zexe; Blood Lich). Hearing of her plans, Nafets tried to stop the experiment. At the time, the Royal Cleric of Mirith kept a close cooperation with Mei, who had assisted him healing Zexe shortly before. Recently, Nafets recounted that he had discovered that the book could not be used without the matching Amulet of the Stars.

Also coming in help of the Hauksens, even if indirectly, it is known that Altaira opposed the invasion of the temple of Brigobaen by Marali, on the grounds that temples were sacred and neutral territory. The suggestion of a military incursion was triggered by the fact that Cecil had accepted the request for protection made by Sonja Hauksen to the main religious sanctuary. Her influence in the council of the Maralian generals meant that the Commanders abandoned the plan.

After the occupation of Marali by the Twins, in 426, Altaira Mei was thought to be dead. It was a surprise for everyone when she appeared again with Birek McCalla to help in the battle against the Abyss Dragon coming from the Rift in 432. Since that day, some hold a strong suspicion that she is on the run with Birek and the former general of Marali, Valencia Falvo.

Gossipers maintain that she was Birek's lover, but that has never been confirmed.

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