Alica playing the riddle game with two hunters in the forests.

Alica is an extremely strong and cunning warrior who has a knack for riddles. She mostly wears black plate armor but with an open helmet, a blue plate breast (contributing to her nickname, the Blue Hermit), and a Rune Sword. She often hunts dragons, trading riddles with them and in most cases, winning.

She is a freelancer and can appear on any side of a battle, depending on whatever contract she is on. However, no contract can diminish her love of riddles. If one ever finds themselves on the opposite side of Alica on the battlefield, they better hope to be skilled at the riddle game.

She is also a wanderer, and has been known to play the riddle game with many people across the lands of Oberin. She gives out Class Tokens and occasionally other prizes to those that answer her riddles correctly, or to those that manage to stump her with a riddle.

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