Alchemy/Druid is a Crafting Skill unique to Druids which allows the brewing of certain Potions.

It is common to use Meditation whilst brewing as this will instantly break and grant Success in Meditation and increase mana regeneration.

Invisibility Potions are by far the most useful as they allow Clerics in particular to not be targeted by non-magical creatures. Using this in combination with logging off allows a Player to poof creatures if they are outside their spawn range but only if no other Players are present (including those unseen).

Check the Crafting Skill page for a breakdown of success probabilities and time taken to level up.

All Potions require an Empty Bottle to brew.

lvl potion mana cost reagents shop sells (gp) shop buys (gp)
1 Nourish Potion 5 Piece of Coal, Lotus Flower, Garlic 40 20
2 Night Vision Potion 8 Lotus Flower, Mandrake Root, Amber 40 20
3 Invisibility Potion 12 Ginseng, Piece of Coal, Garlic 40 20
5 Opportunity Potion 15 Amber, Electric Eel, Piece of Coal 60 30