Druid alchemy allows you to make some potions, but not the healing potions of Alchemy/Cleric. You need reagents, empty bottles, and mana points to make potions.

Item Level Reagents Mana points Shops buying price Shops selling price Profit
Nourish Potion 1 Piece of Coal, Lotus Flower, Garlic 5 MP 20 gp 40 gp 9 gp
Night Vision Potion 2 Lotus Flower, Mandrake Root, Amber 8 MP 20 gp 40 gp 9 gp
Invisibility Potion 3 Ginseng, Piece of Coal, Garlic 12 MP 20 gp 40 gp

9 gp

Opportunity Potion 5 Amber, Electric Eel, Piece of Coal 15 MP 30 gp 60 gp 19 gp

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