This is a table of potions which one can make using the Alchemy/Cleric skill. Note that you need both reagents and mana points to make potions. In addition to the listed reagents, ALL potions require 1 empty bottle each.

Alchemy cleric

Alchemy window with all cleric potions

TODO: Move shop prices to the individual item prices (to make it easy to update them later).

Item Level Reagents Mana points Buying price Selling price
Lesser Heal Potion 1 Ginseng 3 MP 30 gp 15 gp
Lesser Detoxify Potion 1 Mandrake Root 3 MP 30 gp 15 gp
Elevate Mind Potion 2 Lotus Flower, Piece of Coal, Ginseng 6 MP 60 gp 30 gp
Strength Potion 3 Ginseng, Piece of Coal, Garlic 9 MP 60 gp TBD
Agility Potion 4 Ginseng, Piece of Coal, Mandrake Root 12 MP 60 gp 30 gp
Greater Detoxify Potion 4 Mandrake Root, Lotus Flower 18 MP 60 GP 30 gp
Greater Heal Potion 4 Ginseng, Lotus Flower 12 MP 60 gp 30 gp
Mana Potion 5 Ginseng, Piece of Coal, Mandrake Root 9 MP 60 gp 30 gp
Full Detoxify Potion 6 Mandrake Root, Lotus Flower, Dragon Tooth 18 MP TBD TBD
Full Heal Potion 7 Ginseng, Lotus Flower, Dragon Tooth 21 MP TBD TBD

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