Abyss Dragon spawned by Charnath at the bank

An Abyss Dragon is a very large and tough creature. Like all Dragons, they have an extremely strong attack and very high Armor Rating and Hit Points. They also appear Red in Tracking. They are the strongest Dragon, being stronger than the Forest, Sand, Ice, Red and Black Dragons. As they have not been seen for several years, one can say that Black Dragons are actually the strongest Dragon.


Abyss Dragons come from a different plane of existence. As such, some things in the world of Oberin have no effect on them, such as anything related to the Curio.

Abyss Dragons have been around for many years. In the Sleeping Moon of Year 428, the remains of a dead Abyss Dragon were found to the east of the meeting of the rivers. This event had been predicted by the Twins, who were attempting to find an artifact in the region by following the clues of a riddle. A group of adventurers also deciphered the riddle and reached the artifact, which turned out to be a Dragon Egg, before the Twins could.

Then, in the Growing Moon of Year 429, a mage that called herself the Keeper appeared in Welif. This Keeper challenged six adventurers to go through six unique trials. When the trials were completed, she teleported everyone to an unknown area, saying that she was in possession

of a precious artifact, a Vial of Centaur Blood. This artifact could be used with the Dragon Egg and the Golden Bolt to complete an item called the 'Key'. The Keeper would not be defeated, until an Abyss Dragon appeared. This Dragon revealed the true name of the Keeper to be Belenis, a creature that had killed many dragons in the past. Belenis's power came from the Curio, so she could not hurt the Abyss Dragon. The presence of the Abyss Dragon weakened Belenis, bringing about her downfall.

Abyss Dragon

Epic Fight

Screen shot 2012-07-09 at 11.36.27

Void Image of Abyss Dragons in Mirith Crypt during the opening of the Rift.

After these events transpired, Abyss Dragons were not seen until the Rift appeared in the sky, in the Red Moon of Year 432. A mysterious voice sent forth a mighty Abyss Dragon as an emissary to "prepare the lands" and "cleanse Creation" of humankind. A large group of adventurers, with the help of Altaira Mei, Birek McCalla , Hayate and others Warrios (and a brave Demo!!! )listed in the picture, slayed the Dragon. The Rift then temporarily grew thinner.

Some days later, the Rift opened wide again and two bolts of lightning struck the cemeteries of Lerilin and Mirith. In the Mirith Crypt, what appeared to be two Abyss Dragons were found lying in each of the two cells at the end of the hallway. However, they were not physically present, and flickered in and out of sight before they vanished completely. These strange manifestations became known as Void Images.

Since then, Abyss Dragons have not been sighted.

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