Abernta is a female wizard (character), or witch, who began - to follow - shortly-after viGilante, did. Abernta enjoys long hunts in the forest with many areas of drying blood, almost as much as she enjoys generally visiting with people throughout the area around Lerilin, be they new or returning-old, and still-more than offering free GrandMaster, or GM Leather Armor to all, as she has the tailoring (12) skill needed to even make Legs, not merely Arms.

This also serves well for Magic Robes, be they a Robe of Protection, or Robe of Resistance, both of which, like cloth, she Can wear while casting, spells (unlike the Leather). She also is enchanting some, as her Guild which she is member of, Circle of Friends often requires spot-crafting to replenish supplies, though formerly she eschewed it.

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