A Brazen Thing of Air is the name given to a collection of poems recited by a Bone Lord some time during the Dancing Moon of 433. They were written by the only one of Marthonis' creations known to be interested in the arts of rhyming. A few moons later, the same author has taken part in the haiku competition organised by the ranger Sumac.

The collection is composed by three poems to a tree, one to a poison elemental, and a last one to a gaper. Since they are hard to find in the libraries, they will be printed below.

To a Tree

Oh withered tree, oh haunted boughs, what trouble and tormenteth thou? The fire cause you nought but pain but strike you will, again, again!

To a Tree II

The stabbing root, the hurling branch, the boiled nature, blood is blanched... Still the mighty tree doth fall to wizard, cleric one and all.

To a Tree III

O ancient willow, lost aspen, oak now lost in sunken den... Fear not when the reaper comes, the axeman, wizard, flaming one... Your ancient life is put to rest, but hollow you were 'twas all for best.

To a Poison Elemental

O whirling column, dervish green, your cursed death ne'er more is seen.

To a Gaper

O many eyed and thrice accursed great eyeball of the air... Whose gaze was death and from whom pain was but a stare.. You now lie dead as I still stand, your path was cut and dried. But did that great eye of yours but once ere come to cry?

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